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As a multimedia designer and storyteller, my work is a vibrant and innovative combination of creative visuals and engaging narratives. With a unique and fresh approach to each project, my work has been crafted to capture the essence of each client's vision and message, producing stunning videos, graphics, and other multimedia content that effectively convey their story. My creative perspective and technical expertise help me deliver standout work that leaves a lasting impression on viewers.


As a multimedia designer at VividQ, I have fused creativity and technical prowess to elevate any digital projects I had to undertake. My work in gesture interaction and spatial game designs made me instrumental in their gaming and marketing efforts, helping them re-brand, reposition and influence the industry.


Phantom Technology

In this project, I created videos, photography, and graphics for an AR company. The project aimed to showcase the company's technology and highlight its unique features. The final product was a collection of engaging and visually striking content that effectively conveyed the company's message and capabilities.

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As the director of a video series for Actisense, I brought together a team of talented videographers and even worked with former lecturers. My role was instrumental in coordinating and overseeing the project, resulting in stunning videos that showcased the company's mission to make navigation safer with reliable boat electronic systems. The project even involved flying a drone from a boat, adding to the creativity and impact of the final product.

Actisense Trade Show Video_16.00_01_22_00.Still003 copy.jpg

Brewhouse & Kitchen

Brewhouse & Kitchen photography project captures the essence of the brewery and restaurant chain, showcasing the brewing process, food, drinks, and community atmosphere. The project features portraits, candid shots and staged shots that provide an authentic representation of the brand's commitment to craft, quality, and community.


Cannonball Coffee

This photography project aimed to showcase the effectiveness of Cannonball Coffee, a brand popular with bodybuilders and gym-goers. Through a series of stunning photographs, featuring a female bodybuilder, I captured the essence of the brand's message and highlighted the energy-boosting benefits of the coffee. The project effectively demonstrated the connection between Cannonball Coffee and the fitness community.


DGR Bournemouth & Poole 

As the cinematographer of the DGR movement in Bournemouth and Poole, I collaborated with a fellow cinematographer to capture stunning shots of motorcyclists. With a creative approach and excellent teamwork, we were able to film the motors from a car and produce visually striking footage that showcased the excitement and energy of the event.


Climb Again

The Climb Again and Kaufland event was a unique experience for kids with disabilities, and I was the videographer and photographer tasked with capturing it all. With a focus on creativity and sensitivity, I produced a collection of compelling and heartwarming videos and photos that showcased the therapeutic and recreational benefits of the event.

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